Sunday, August 24, 2008

How is Moringa Better than Other Nutritional Supplements

The human body always knows to differentiate between a natural product and a Synthetic product. Most of the Multivitamin and Calcium supplements available in the market are made using Synthetic ingredients. The human body absorbs only a little lit bit of the nutrients supplied through the synthetic supplements. Whereas the Moringa leaves and pods are natural sources of Calcium and multivitamins and their processing method also enhances the bioavailability of the nutrients to the body.

Bioavailability of Whole Plant Minerals:
Calcium - Up to 8.79 times more bioavailable.
Chromium - Up to 25 times more bioavailable.
Copper - 1.85 time more retained in the liver.
Iron - 1.77 times more absorbed into blood.
Magnesium - Up to 2.20 times more bioavailable.
Manganese - 1.63 times more retained in the liver.
Molybdenum - 16.49 times more absorbed into blood.
Selenium - Up to 17.60 times the antioxidant effect.
Zinc - 6.46 times more absorbed into blood.