Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Detoxifying Moringa

Ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian civilizations used...the (Moringa Tree)...It is best known as an excellent source of nutrition and a natural energy booster.  Loaded with nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, it replenishes your body and provides what you need to through a hectic weekday or active weekend..."  It produces long-lasting energy without hyperactivity...a nerve system at rest...a blood system not under pressure...a gland and hormone system in balance."

An L.A. Times article said,

          Scientifically speaking, Moringa sounds like magic.  It can rebuild weak bones, enrich anemic blood and enable a malnourished mother to nurse her staving baby.  Doctors use it to treat diabetes in West Africa and high blood pressure in India...And, it’s not only good for you, it’s delicious."  Mark Fritz, L.A. Times.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Moringa is that it has such incredible health benefits over a wide-range of health issues.  Here are but a few:


While most people notice an energy boost right away, the nutritional results with undernourished people is staggering.


In vitro studies show the Moringa’s ability to remove putrid waste from water.  This is important for the planet.  Over 6 million children are believed to die each year from infections caused by unclean water.  It helps our bodies detox in much the same way.


Moringa works as a gentle, natural antibiotic, 
See Eilert, U.,B. Wolters and A. Nahrstedt. “The antibiotic principle of seeds of Moringa oleifera and Moringa stenopetala.” Journal of Medicinal Plant Research, 42, pp 55-61. 1981


And, like Aloe Vera,  Moringa is believed to have great healing benefits for the skin. Most of the research is on topical applications, but the healing properties would extend to the body itself.


Indian traditional medicines have long used the Moringa in treating the body’s inflammation.   See, Udupa, S.L., A.L. Udupa and D.R. Kulkarni, “Studies on the anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties of Moringa oleifera and Aegle marmelos. Fitoterapia 65(2) pp 119-123.

·        ULCERS

The anti-ulcer effect of Moringa was reported in 1995 in Phytotherapy research. An extract was taken from dried leaves and showed an impressive ability to heal ulcers in lab animals.  Holst, p17.

·        DIABETES

An extract from the Moringa leaf has been shown to be effective in lowering blood sugar levels with a space of 3 hours. Holst, pp17-18.

·        SLEEP

The leaf of the Moringa has been shown to aid in a calmer nervous system providing an improving in sleep.  Holst, p18

In short some studies have proved Moringa leaves effective for treating,

·        Blood pressure

·        Diabetes

·        Colitis and Diarrhea

·        Used as a diuretic

·        Headache

·        Glandular swelling

·        Skin antiseptic

·        Fevers

Seeds are used for,

·        Fevers

·        Tumors

·        Rheumatism

·        Skin diseases

·        Prostate and bladder issues