Saturday, August 30, 2008

Do Yourself a Favor Drink Moringa

Discover the Chief Health Benefits that have made Moringa Tea Famous
• Boosts energy levels
• Improves digestive function
• Improves mental clarity/focus
• Promotes sound sleep
• Provides all vital vitamins
• Contains several important minerals
• Is an extremely powerful free radical fighter
• Moringa has very high levels of fibers
• Cleanses and Detoxifies the body of infectious toxins
• Strengthens your immune system
• Enhances sexual desire and performance
• Fights cancerous cells
• Slows down the aging process
• Promotes healthier and younger-looking skin
• Alleviates diabetes
• Normalizes and regulates cholesterol levels
• Helps maintain healthy heart function
• Minimizes inflammation
• Improves circulation
• Prevents artherosclerosis
• Enhances visual acuity
• Helps stabilize normal blood sugar levels
• Helps improve patients suffering from leukemia
• Fights general depression
• Supports weight loss
• Improves upon your overall physical strength

Dear Friend
If you're looking into living a very long life... and... staying young and healthy...
this very well could be the most important message you will ever read.

One small common malungay tree is taking on the entire world's illnesses...and winning!
The secret all lies within how cells in your body die. Did you know there are only TWO ways for a cell in your body to die?

Apoptosis - The Good Way
The process where a damaged cell signals for a white blood cell to come and destroy it thoroughly.

The Result: No leftover parts of the cell to damage other cells.

Necrosis - The Bad Way
The destructive process cells go through unassisted: Electrons fall off into other cells wrecking havoc and causing everything we know as aging, including non-genetic diseases.

They become free radicals.

The Result: The body ages, develops Cancer, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Tumors, High Blood Pressure, etc...
So theoretically, if you could stop Necrosis from happening, you would stop aging completely and live healthy forever!
The only defenses we currently have against Necrosis are Antioxidants. Antioxidants are natural compounds shown to block or 'soak up' the extra cell parts (free radicals) left over from Necrosis.

The Result: Slower aging, less illness.
There are thousands of compounds in nature that are considered to be Antioxidants, but they are always found in very small concentrations. Within the last six years, the most concentrated source of antioxidants has finally been discovered.

The most powerful antioxidant on earth is Moringa Dried Leaves. In India and where the natives eat regular servings a day of Moringa or Malungay, they look very young and do not have any of the problems that plague the rest of us. No cancer, no heart disease, no stroke, etc. In fact, the 60 year old woman there has practically no wrinkles on her face at all.

Bluntly put, the Moringa triumphs any herbs on far as vitamins and antioxidants are concerned...